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Our commitment

Not long ago, I expressed the hope that December would be the final month using Wix as our website hosting platform. Regrettably, we find ourselves here once again.
This year we will be moving away from using wix as our website hosting platform in an effort to stand with the People of Palestine and beyond.
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WIX is a large, publicly traded company worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As a website building service, WIX relies on free access to the internet and access to startup capital that Palestinians living under Israeli occupation are denied.Just a short drive away from the WIX headquarters at the Tel Aviv port overlooking the Mediterranean Sea are Palestinian communities with poor or no access to the internet, and that are banned from visiting the same beaches their parents and grand-parents once freely enjoyed.
Upon delving into the complexities of transitioning to a new website hosting platform, I've come to the realization that this process demands more time and resources to ensure a sustainable shift.
While it's disheartening, I remain committed to minimizing Wix's benefit during this transition.
To that end, I've implemented several measures:
  1. Removed Wix payments from all direct card transactions, ensuring they receive nothing from our sales.
  2. Secured a new domain host, preventing Wix from benefiting annually from our URL.
For more details on these concrete actions, you can visit our commitment page.
Although this isn't the ultimate goal, it represents a meaningful step we can take in solidarity.
Plus, 10% of monthly donations will support humanitarian aid in multiple countries!
I look forward to having you join us on the trail!

& thank you for your patience with me in this. 
Free Palestine. Free Congo. Free Sudan.

May we all be free from capitalist war machines. May we find our way back to the land and to our communities. Where conversation overrides conflict. Where love overrides hate. May we all be safe. 
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