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Our mission

Black&Wild (formerly The Rusty Anvil) stands as an educational platform, dedicated to connecting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with nature through mindful wilderness trips and ancestral skills.

Our mission is grounded in empowering people of color by providing them with essential knowledge, gear, and unwavering support, fostering a sense of confidence in the wild and unlocking newfound ways to experience belonging.

Central to our approach is the integration of mindfulness and intentional practices within our programs. We aspire to go beyond the mere survival skills in nature—our ultimate goal is to see people of color not just surviving in nature, but thriving.

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Our Values

Finding Ourselves in Nature

As people of color, we navigate a world filled with social constructs that dictate our identity and worth. In nature, however, there are no external voices shaping who we are or prescribing our value. The natural world generously offers a space for us to exist as we are, allowing us to discover our own truths, with mirrors scattered along the journey.


Granting ourselves permission to slow down, rest, and attune to our bodies becomes a transformative experience—one that everyone deserves. It's a continual process of learning about our authentic needs and deepening our awareness with the profound wisdom that lies within.

Supportive Outdoor Community

Immersing ourselves in nature alongside those who see, validate, and provide a sense of safety is a cornerstone of our collective liberation. The ability to authentically show up in the wilderness contributes significantly to our journey of self-discovery and finding our place in the wild.

Collaborating in the backcountry fosters a tapestry of relationships woven with threads of accountability and trust. Together, we navigate the untamed terrain, strengthening our bonds and creating pathways towards shared liberation.

Reclaiming Ancestral Skills and Play

The skills we share in our programs are often labeled as survival or bushcraft skills, but they are more accurately described as ancestral living skills. These practices provide a window into the daily lives of our ancestors, showcasing not just their survival but their thrival.

For people of color, it's a powerful act of reclaiming these skills within spaces that recognize the layered complexity of the remembering process. These spaces offer tangible representation, acknowledging the capabilities of our bodies through joy, play, and adventure. 


There's no pressure to master these skills immediately or to navigate them alone. What matters is the reintroduction of these skills into your awareness, allowing you to revisit them at your own pace when your body is ready. Rest in an integral part of our work and less is often more. 

Our Forest Bathing Immersion offers a gentle introduction to backpacking, focusing on slowing down, finding rest, engaging in crafting, and fostering connections with one another. It's a welcoming space that prioritizes the joy and essence of being in nature over stats or status.

As with all of our programs all we ask is that you show up in your wholeness ready to play and adventure!

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